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A breath of fresh air
African Garden Lodge
Feb 20, 2009

My friend and I came to the African Garden Lodge after a particularly unpleasant experience in another more expensive hotel in the locality. We were pleasantly surprised by the really nice ambience of the environment and how switched-on and helpful the staff were.

What set the place apart in my esteem is the fact that it is not only family managed, but that the Owners are resident on site to keep an eye on things.

My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay and I would not hesitate to recommend the hotel to anyone else.


Absolutely Stunning!"
The African Garden Lodge at Mama's Place
Feb 10, 2009

This is my third visit since August, 2008. Just walking into the compound you get the feeling of great expectations. The garden is gorgeous - mature, and even has a turtle enclave! This place is simply beautiful. When you walk into The Lounge, if you like art, you will be so impressed with the fine African arts on display, and it is in the rooms too! The staff are polite and very helpful and the General Manager is a darling, helpful, informative, and very down to earth - as with all the staff, and the owner!

There are two bars - Mama's Place is at the front, it's an external bar, lined with Palms and it's really buzzing when there's a football game on, but even when there's no game, the atmosphere is super, the music good, the crowd really friendly, and the drinks very well chilled. There's a charcoal grill, pepper soups, and other local dishes, and there's even fish n chips, English style - the food generally, is excellent - they even make Chinese food.

There's another bar inside the main compound garden, this is like a VIP bar and is stunning! I am informed that you need to be a resident guest, or friend of one, to get in this bar, and there's a dress code in place. I was told it's a members only bar, and I can understand this because it's not massive, and I can bet the owner tries her best to keep it exclusive.

Yeah, the owner - she's very, very, nice, and unassuming. She runs the place with an iron hand, hence the sustained high standards. She loves her place, and who can blame her?! I think one of the secrets to her success is that it is a family run business, and they stay on the premises, making it very difficult for staff to mess up.

O yeah, it's internet friendly too - what more could anyone ask for - o, the price? First class value for money, with three classes of accommodation! All of them great, honest! This is where I always stay now, and I am passing the word as an appreciation to Mama's excellent efforts!



“Amazing Oasis in Lagos, loved this great hideaway”
African Garden Lodge
Aug 7, 2008

Just got back from a trip to Lagos and found this fantastic little hotel. It is called African Garden Lodge in Omofade Crescent Omole Phase 1. Not far from the airport in a gated estate with top security.

The grounds are amazing with palm trees and African sculptures. The staff are polite and helpful and the rooms in the main house start at N8,000 a night. I stayed in the Suite for N13,500 and it is fantastic really!!!! Beautifully decorated with African Art, LCD tvs, Internet and 2 (yes, 2) toilets. The theme was so skillfully carried through the hotel, from the polite staff to the choice of bed linen.

The food is delicious and when I said "no pepper", there was none. This is a real home from home and the owner can be seen tending the plants during the evening. There is a Catfish pond for those who like to see their food alive just before the meal - no thanks!!!

I stayed 9 nights with my 2 young children and it was safe for them to run around the outside during the day. A few nights we had dinner in the Garden. Bliss, could hardly believe we were still in Lagos.

  • Liked — The Gardens are beautiful, a real sense of being in Africa with amazing Palms etc

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