Founder/Chairman: Ms Riskat Finni-Ogodo

Ms Riskat Finni-Ogodo popularly known as ‘Mama’ was born and raised in Manchester, England. She studied Graphic Art and Design and her creative prowess is apparent everywhere – from the food to the gardens, to the bars, to the rooms. Her personal touch is added to everything, and she bathes everyone she meets with warmth and friendliness. A true connoisseur in hospitality who demands only the very best from all who work with her.


MD/CEO: Edward Yusuf Aleyideino

Edward Yusuf Aleyideino is hardworking and enthusiastic in actively lending his fresh and youthful touch to every aspect of the business – his new ideas will surely, eventually take The AGL to higher grounds – Yusuf is the TRUE owner of this business! (A famously passionate Manchester United believer - following in a family tradition!)


General Manager/Director: Coach Joseph Ozemeona

Yusuf gave Joseph the nickname ‘First Born’, because he is like a son to Mama, and a brother to Yusuf. A mature young man, hardworking, dedicated, loyal and courteous – and a ‘rock’ for the thirty-plus staff force he heads. Guests always refer to him as a very unassuming GM, and very respectful.


Works & Staff Manager: Ogbonnaya Okoro

'Baba O' is a very talented and creative man, very good at handling every day issues with the staff - a good advisor to them and therefore, an asset to this establishment. In charge of Works, so if there’s any problem in your room, he’s the Manager to ask to see.